What makes me unique?
I bring a range of skill sets to the table—graphic design, SEO/SEM, copywriting, and copyediting. Some of these may set me apart, but the thing that makes me most valuable is the strength of my desire to add value. I would learn any skill, read any book, get any degree if it allowed me to contribute more fully to the teams I am on and their ability to achieve a higher degree of excellence. At Whitworth, this led to me receiving the Lewis F. Archer Award for Outstanding Graduate in English. On the Browne's Addition Neighborhood Council, it led to me coordinating the Summer Concerts in the Park and serving as the council secretary for the time that I lived in the neighborhood. At SFCC, it led to my classmates nominating and electing me their program president and the AAF awarding me the TMR scholarship in my first year. While these accomplishments are modest, they show a trajectory of how I might continue to impact the places in which I work and live.
My background
Although originally from Portland, Oregon, I moved to Spokane to attend Whitworth University, where I graduated with a BA in English and a Minor in Spanish with intentions of eventually working as a writer and editor with a publishing company and getting a master's in something related to writing, publishing, translation, or graphic design. In Spokane, where I wound up wanting to stay, there isn't much of a job market in the literary publishing industry—yet. So since graduation, I have been on a career-seeking adventure, often making my own work. 
I began by networking in my neighborhood, taking a job as a hostess at a new restaurant a block away from my apartment. Within a week, I was no longer a hostess, but a social media manager, blog writer, photographer, and graphic designer at that restaurant. The restaurant itself didn't last long, and I took my collection of skills and began freelancing—mostly as a copyeditor for local books. I did this for three years before deciding to go back to SFCC to study graphic design.
Why graphic design?
One thing I learned about myself during my study of literature is that the look and feel of a text—the texture of the pages and cover stock, the typography, the imagery on the cover—matter at least as much to me as the content. Seeing this marriage of priorities—form, content, and aesthetic quality—I realized that the world of advertising was perhaps an even better home for me than literary publishing. By the time I'd joined the SFCC program, I had taught myself quite a few software skills. But the program has helped me fill in the gaps and discover a more disciplined process that has allowed me to move from amateur to professional.
Why Spokane?
Somewhere along the way, I went from being a Portlander to being a Spokanite. I adore Portland, but by 2012, I could clearly see that Spokane needed more people like me who are creative and fired up about making it a better place to live.
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